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New clamps

Much of my work involves working on the surface of boards, often with a router to produce lettering or to carve a design. My old bench holdfast works well, but is always in the way...  more  


Any one involved in woodwork at some point runs out of room and wishes for a larger work space. A recent job involving one tall cabinet, a low cabinet and some extra shelving left ...  more  

Barrel staves part 2

A previous post in relation to whiskey barrel staves. This is the continuation explaining what I did with them once I had worked out how to measure and get square ends.  more  

Using oak barrel staves for a storage box commission.

I have been asked to make some kitchen storage boxes for a clients kitchen. The client is keen on recycling so it seemed appropriate to try to use some old whisky barrel staves whi...  more  


My current sanders have been getting tired for some time. They have been used extensively during the restoration of our cottage, but I was not planning to replace them just yet. So...  more  

advent window 2

Having decided to make use of the previously made stepped gable house outlines, window and door details were made, but there was something missing. I decided to attempt to turn som...  more  

Mantle shelves

Our daughter has several cast iron fireplaces in her house which require small mantle shelves making. A request from a customer for a similar shelf prompted a busy day in the works...  more  

advent window

I had made some outline stepped gables as a possible project for a birthday gift. The outlines were in the workshop unused , so I decided to make some miniature doors and window fr...  more  

Wedding invitation an opportunity to produce a unique gift.

We received a surprise invitation to a wedding which involved a Pagan ceremony. This presented an opportunity to make a unique gift for the couple involving the vegvisir (viking c...  more  

Apple tree

My sister in law had an apple tree removed from her garden and offered me the timber. Having read many articles about the beauty of fruit wood I thought I would try to turn a bowl ...  more