Advent window 2

 Christmas trees.

The house gables which I have written about previously needed window and door details adding to make them suitable for  Sheila's advent window. 

Once the door details were finished I constructed a back box to support a string of led lights which would shine through the window apertures I had opened up. Both the stepped gables and the back box were mounted on a ply base which had been covered in some white material we had left over froe some previous work.

Something was missing. Everything appeared flat, so I decided to attempt to turn some stylised Christmas trees. I found an offcut of fairly chunky Sapele, cut it in half down its length to produce two pieces each about 60mm square and about 150mm long.

Each was put on the lathe and a conical shape made, this was then further shaped to produce a tiered effect, tapering to a point at the top.

I found some sets of bottle lights, wrapped then round the tree shapes thus producing two small trees which would provide light in the front of the display.























 Setting up

Once all the pieces had been sanded and oiled, we had to decide how to arrange the trees relative to the row of houses. Once the layout had been agreed, holes were drilled so the battery boxes for the lights would be accessible but would be out of sight under the base board.

Sheila then arranged the collection of glass figures in front of the houses, along with a few small fir cones and some additional lighting.

Pictures were then taken and posted on the village facebook page. A lovely project and great to be able to find a use for the stepped gables.