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With Mr H Woodwork, you have many different options for your wooden furniture ideas. I create customised designs for clients in the UK and beyond. I can craft coffee tables, home décor, small furniture items, and also take on larger projects, as long as they are within my ability as a  woodworker. 

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Browse through the Mr H collection of decorative products for your home or find inspiration for your next gift here. I create wood carving designs in Derbyshire for a wide range of customers.




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For custom built furnishings, such as tables, staircases, doors, shutters, and bookcases have a browse through my gallery of designs here.



Priced Items Gallery

You can find a range of my wood carved designs for sale here.

Based in Derbyshire, I can ship these to your location wherever you are in the United Kingdom, by arrangement.



Hens With Egg Rack 




 "Eggs and Soldiers"     

  18cm x 13cm.



Small 'Bit of Cheese' Cheeseboard

26cm x 24cm.

 Oak £38  Beech £28



Small 'Chop Chop' Chopping Board

       With metal embossed text:            33cmx23cm.

Oak £38 Beech £28

    Large 'Chop Chop' Chopping                               Board                                                40cmx26cm                         

 Oak £57  Beech £37




Large 'All The Cheese' Cheeseboard

34cm x 32cm

 Oak £57 Beech £37

Reindeer Log Statues £20