barrel staves


 Previous barrel use

Oak barrel staves have become very popular among woodworkers. Often a cheap source of high quality timber.

I obtain mine from a local reclaim yard where they have a stack which last time I visited was about 8 cubic metres!!!

When newly arrived from the yard they are often wet, and always very dirty on all surfaces. A trip through the thicknesser and lots of sanding reveals the beauty underneath.




 Napa makers market

Our recent holiday to the states involved visiting 3 national parks, then as we were already across the Atlantic we went on to visit Napa in California. The idea was to taste some wine but having already seen many of the European vinyards we did not intend to visit the wineries themselves.

Whilst walking round Napa we came across a retail outlet for crafters/makers, and were attracted to a shallow bowl made from barrel staves. This had a price tag of $150 but was made from about £3 worth of raw material.

When I got home out came the staves and within a few hours the bowl was completed. As I have said previously all credit to the coopers, jointing these things is not easy but the results are well worth it.

A recent arts trail confirmed that this was a winning product. Orders for 3 bowls over the 2 days of the weekend, but not at $150 dollars each.