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Welcome to Mr H Woodwork. The home of carved decorations, toys, signs, and bespoke furnishings. As a quality woodworker in Derbyshire, with an eye for detail and the knowledge and dexterity to create all manner of designs and ornaments, whether you are after a new bookshelf, a customised tool box, or beautifully carved signage, I can create it for you.

Contact me with your idea, budget and timescale, and I will come back to you with a quote. There is a selection of some of my more popular items ready made, available on the gallery and prices page. 


Call me on 07710 888611, or email mrhwoodwork@outlook.com.

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Quality Carving And Woodworking

I am a woodworker in Derbyshire, and can make small and large items that will be perfect for your home or for friends and family.

I do not compromise and work to the best of my ability with the highest quality materials I can obtain for your project. I can create one-off pieces and customised designs that you will love to keep or to make great gifts to be cherished.


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Home Refurbishments

I am experienced in home refurbishment projects, such as customised bookcases, wardrobes, shelving, skirting boards and doorframes. I specialise in customised woodworking to fit irregular spaces and edges, helping your fitted furnishings to match into a period cottage or a home whatever the shape. Give me a call if you need a specialist woodworker in Derbyshire, and within a 40 mile radius of Matlock I can come along and assess your project with you.

Wooden Home Décor

You can have your own wooden ornaments, decorations, and designs courtesy of Mr H Woodwork.

I specialise in stylised wooden animals such as ducks, chickens and geese, which make for lovely matching pairs and triplets, as superb gifts or a treat for your own home. I also create doorstops, book ends, signs and hangers.

Customised Signs

Whether you would like named signs for your house and garden, or bespoke wooden signs for a wedding or family celebration, I am here to help. Contact me with the details of your event, the materials, design, and idea you have in mind. I will create the rest for you. If you prefer, I can take care of the design, drawing up a sketch in preparation for completing your commission.





Bespoke Furniture

As a bespoke woodworker in Derbyshire, I can handcraft a range of furniture and furnishings, including tables, bookcases and storage solutions. These beautiful items can make an amazing housewarming gift, or bring a personal touch to your own home or cottage.

Contact me to arrange bespoke woodwork for your home, by calling 07710 888611, or emailing mrhwoodwork@outlook.com

Bespoke Woodwork




About Mr H

As a self-taught woodworker, with lengthy experience of crafting and working wood to a wide variety of shapes and needs. I take great pleasure in crafting decorative items  with high end materials and tools, so I can make a precision crafted item suitable for any setting.

I work alongside my wife Sheila, who takes care of keeping me focussed and provides useful feedback on the articles I am creating. I also love the feedback I receive from my customers. Being a small operation I can be flexible and make one-off pieces, and this is highly valued by my clients.

I find crafting personalised signage and décor for weddings and celebrations highly rewarding, and my customers love my flexible and friendly approach. I also have the ability to visualise and design, which my clients appreciate when they need assistance with bringing their ideas to fruition.