Wedding season is coming !

 First wedding board

In my previous career as a pharmacist, I was fortunate to work alongside many wonderful people.

In one of the pharmacies a lady was looking at an image of a chopping board, with a view to placing an order as a gift for a friends wedding. This was finished in poker work, the couples names and the date of the wedding being burnt in to the surface of the board.

The wood used for the board did not look to be particularly attractive and the font available was very simple.

I had been given an offcut of a solid oak worktop and offered to draw up a design which I would carve to produce a board of far higher quality for less money.

The design was agreed and the commission completed. The lettering and love heart were hand carved, I added an edge detail to finish the piece  and that was the start of Mr H Woodwork.




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More wedding items

I always consider it to be a great honour that clients think my work is good enough to be part of their special day.

I have been asked to make several items for wedding ceremonies and gifts to be kept in memory of the event.

Chopping boards with names and date are an obvious choice, plaques with a horse shoe and for a couple of weddings, ring pillows, which I had never heard of. 

Other commissions include a large sign to welcome guests and an oak arch used as the frame for floral decoration and the setting for the marriage ceremony. The arch was later relocated to the couples garden.

Florists and caterers have asked for log slices to be used as bases for table decorations.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities for helping you achieve the wedding of your dreams.