Dolls house

 Start of the dolls house

Our daughter had expressed an interest in having a dolls house. Never having studied the intricacies of miniature building, I did some searching and found a book giving advice and showing construction techniques. 

Making dolls' houses in 1/12scale by Brian Nickolls was my main source of inspiration, one of the designs being for a 3 story Georgian style house.

In addition to the book design we were fortunate to live near to the dolls house emporium in Ripley. A fantastic treasure trove of wall paper, carpets and a miniature builders merchants where I could obtain doors windows and everything required to make a lovely building for my daughter.

Starting just after Easter i spend a couple of hours most nights in the shed and eventually just before Katies' birthday at the beginning of August the house was completed with working lights, glowing fires and even a socket in the sitting room for a Christmas tree.

The house was equipped with simple robust furniture and handed over to a delighted little girl. It was the best 4 months I had spent and Katie passed many happy hours playing with the house 






As  Katie got older the original simple furniture became unsuitable and she asked if we could gradually update the decor and fittings to give a more sophisticated and appropriate style for someone of her age.

A dolls house fair was advertised, so it was decided to update the ground floor of the house as a starting point.

A range cooker and bread oven with glowing coals in the fires along with miniature brick slips were purchased for the kitchen, then panelling and new furniture and lighting for the dining room.

I managed to cut a thin slice of York stone for a kitchen hearth and I had an offcut of oak which was suitable for a beam over the kitchen fireplace.

The dining room was rewired for the new lights, paper and panelling installed and stained to match the furniture and the new dining room suite installed.

All this happened some time ago and I am just waiting for the request to update the rest of the house.

I regularly get very thin offcuts from hardwood used in other projects. So as I am no longer constrained by work pressures I might attempt to make some new furniture with some miniature tools I have inherited.