Axminster High Wycombe

Whilst visiting family in Henley, It presented me with an opportunity to visit a branch of Axminster in High Wycombe.

Axminster are a woodwork supplies company selling a vast range of power and hand tools for woodworkers, much admired by members of the woodwork uk facebook group.

I have been asked to produce a large carved item for a client and needed a quick way of removing large amounts of very hard old oak. Having researched the problem I had discovered a range of blades which were designed to fit a standard 4 inch angle grinder. These were available from Axminster so I thought I would have a look.

If you are interested in any form of woodwork, Axminster is not the place to go with your credit card. A fantastic range of machinery and every sort of hand tool you could wish for. I could have spent a fortune. A fairly lengthy discussion with a very knowledgeable member of staff about Arbortech products and I was walking away with 2 devices to fit on my 4 inch angle grinder.





 Arbrotech 2


Having reluctantly left the Axminster shop, I eventually got home and thought I had better have a look and some videos advising me how to use my new toys.

An American woodworker was explaining how the chips can fly off the Turboplane and was suggesting heavy duty gloves to protect your hands. He seemed unsure about the device so I had a look at Arbortech's own videos.

As you would expect the tools I had purchased were presented in a far more positive light, there was full explanation as to how the blades worked and how to gently introduce them in to the work piece by changing the angle of attack all that remained was to find a bit of wood and have a go.

I started with the ball gouge and very quickly hollowed out a small bowl in a bit of sapele. I then switched to the turboplane and started to shape the outside. As the American chap said the chips do fly, but with the guard on the machine in the right position there was very little hitting my hands.

What fantastic kit, I didn't finish the bowl but went on to play with a bit of the oak I was to use for my original project and very quickly shaped the bowl part of a spoon. Face mask and ear defenders are a must when using these things and a big brush to sweep up afterwards.